Tess Nyman


I'm thrilled to connect with you and share my journey as an HR Expert, Career Strategist, and Soft Skills Trainer. Having walked both sides of the recruitment process, I've experienced the challenges firsthand – from being the job-seeking candidate to the employer making crucial hiring decisions.

Like many highly qualified professionals seeking opportunities today, I've faced the disheartening " We have moved on with someone who is a closer fit” response that didn't match my aspirations. This scenario repeated when I transitioned from Uganda to the UAE and later from the UAE to Finland.

In these experiences, I discerned the patterns behind rejections. This realization fueled my determination to find solutions for those encountering similar hurdles and that led to the birth of Kat Konsult.

As a Career Strategist, I teach individuals to secure better jobs swiftly, bypassing the need to flood the market with applications. The track record of success in this realm stands as a testament to the approach.

Furthermore, as an HR Expert and Soft Skills Trainer, I offer a distinctive perspective that transforms businesses. By attracting and retaining top talents, enhancing employee engagement, and bolstering the company's bottom line, I contribute to sustainable growth.

My mission revolves around delivering solutions that make a lasting impact!

I welcome opportunities to collaborate with both individuals and organizations. This commitment extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it's a profound sense of responsibility.

You'll find a treasure trove of HR Management and Career-focused content across platforms like the blog on this website, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Join me in the quest to improve lives.


  • Masters in Business Administration (Management and Leadership)- Switzerland

  • Master of Science Degree in General Psychology-UK

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering- Uganda

  • Microsoft Certified Professional- Uganda

  • Certified Entrepreneur- Finland

  • Certified Trainer-USA

  • Certified Coach-USA

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt- USA

  • Certified Human Resource Management Consultant- USA

  • Certified Human Resource Professional- USA

  • Certified Human Resource Professional- USA

  • Certificate in Software Development- Uganda

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