Executive Career Coaching/Consultancy.

With Kat Konsult coaching services, we help our clients with change, growth, and personal empowerment

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Executive Career Coaching/Consultancy

We provide coaching services to individuals that are looking for jobs or promotions as well as new career coaches that want to start a career in career coaching.

a. Executive Coaching for Experienced Job Seekers
Every journey starts with self-awareness and becoming a top-notch executive is not any different. We support experienced individuals in achieving greatness through our executive coaching sessions that in return help them gain self-awareness, clarity on their goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock unimaginable potentials. We render executive coaching to individuals and groups, where we assist our clients with change, growth, and personal empowerment.

b. Executive Coaching for New Career Coaches
Being a great coach requires working with other great coaches. We have a track record of helping individuals get results in less than 90 days in their career and we now want to help new career coaches achieve the same which will help them save time, resources, and emotions. Uncover the exact systems, tactics, marketing, funnels, automations, and intentions you need to attract and retain clients without spending more time.

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