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“Tess has this capacity to listen and adapt to your needs! As a job seeker, we often think that we have the right strategy and toolkit for job hunting and after spending time with Tess I noticed straight away how poor was my job-hunting strategy. On top of the professional skills mentioned, I must admit that Tess has fantastic energy and always here to help and motivate you! I highly recommend Tess and I am happy to have met such an inspiring person! Please continue to spread out this positive vibe, your motivation is contagious"

“As a Jobseeker, you feel you already know how to do your resume, but the truth behind your resume which you don't see is that you are still sitting at home with that beautiful CV. I have had the opportunity to leverage on Tess's skills during my job search and I can assure you, her inputs were so invaluable that I got through lots of stages without going through the stress I used to encounter before.

Tess is the best Job search strategist ever I have met. Whoever has doubts in others should feel free reaching out to her. Not only does she master it, she was born to do it. She takes full accountability and will walk you through the entire process till you pen down that signature on a contract. Moreover, no one passes through Tess without at least leaving the house to meet an employer to discuss their skills. She has my 100% endorsement, and if you are considering Tess as your Coach, all I have to tell you is; Congratulations on your new Job. She will give it to you. "

“At the start of the first national U.K. lockdown due to COVID-19 my employment contract ended. When I eventually started looking for a new role, I knew I would need a new approach. Tess Nyman provided some very inspiring and very openminded fresh ideas that resonated with me and invigorated my job search. I can highly recommend Tess Nyman who has abundant international experience in the employment arena, a good source of original ideas."


“Tess is the best coach I have ever dealt with. She delivered within the agreed time lines and her work was top notch and excellent. I was very satisfied with her professionalism and work ethics. I highly recommend her for CVs, LinkedIn bio pages, cover letters, coaching, trainings, etc, etc.."

Ejike Ekwenibe,
CEO at Symplifix

“Tess is such a wonderful coach. She took her time to explain the different approaches i could use towards my job search journey. The methods are so practical that it helped me to realize the things i was doing wrong during my job search and i have been able to achieve some positive results, thanks to you Tess. I highly recommend Tess. She is professional, patient and will give you a tailor-made approach that suits your style"

Daisy Wanirwoth,
Finance Expert Intern

Well the most effective and inspiring thing of Tess is - she is master of doing compartmentalise of whole problem, solving each part and then connecting each puzzle to have the greater picture. It is so effective. I wish all the best for her."

I engaged Tess for HR consulting services and her insights and advice helped us improve our HR processes. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her services."

I have known Tess over the last one year and found her to be the most optimistic, creative , enthusiastic & most importantly a super talented professional person . Her optimism and positive outlook actually rubs into you and makes you look at the most difficult situations with so much ease. She wears several hats at the same time but ensures that perfection is attained in all her projects. I have learned so many aspects of training , coaching , delegation and to view strategies from a different macro perspective while being accountable for the entire team . I will gladly recommend her to any one who needs to be counseled and assisted at any stage of their career journey."

"Tess is the personification of hope. She is passionate and creates an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes. She makes tough present situation more bearable and inadvertently improve lives, because envisioning a better future motivates one to take the steps to make it happen. Tess provides all the tools necessary to succeed, and walks the journey, providing guidance along the way. Thank you for encouraging me to look at the brighter side, seeing challenges as opportunities. Thank you for encouraging me to claim my future."

"It is my great pleasure to recommend Tess Nyman. I am working with Tess for almost 2 years at MARLEQ, and we are together building a leading global marketplace for job seekers and career coaches. She has been our Top 1 best performing Career Coach and a very successful Country Manager for UAE. After impressive achievements she has been promoted to Chief People Officer and joined our Global Management Team. I have been working with many career coaches from all around the world, however Tess is so unique, very independent, supportive, hard and smart worker. She brings plenty of great initiatives, always keen on improving business and people relationships, and she earned a big respect of her colleagues and clients as well. Therefore, I highly recommend Tess and hope that you will consider her carefully for future cooperation and your professional partner."

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